About Us

In 2008 I decided  to travel across Canada with my parents, we drove from Ontario to Vancouver seeing as many awe inspiring landscapes as possible. We really could not afford it at the time but I have no regrets as my farther passed away a couple of years later. We don't know how much time we have in this world and the most valuable sacred thing we own are our memories, about a year ago I found some audio interviews on my hard drive that my spouse Sylvia recorded with my farther while on the trip. I had no idea Sylvia did this so I was quite  surprised and very moved, that moment was captured in time evoking such good energy in me.   This is what inspired my Living Memory Art idea, what if the moment does not have to pass. It is one thing to capture a photo but quite another to hear someones authentic voice, a peaceful intimate moment can be preserved.



Living Memory Project Inspiration

The Living Memory Project

Every place has a unique story that shapes the people who lived  their, we remember our parents warning us not to forget where we came from as they know having a busy life in a rapidly changing world can alter our beliefs  in profound ways. High real estate prices  create  rapid transformations in our communities as older homes are demolished for townhouses and condos and family businesses are pushed out for chain stores. This is not simply nostalgia for the past but a desperate struggle to connect to personal roots in the community when they are rapidly disappearing. What happens when you return and that place does not exist anymore and more importantly what happens when no one is left to tell  that unique story. The struggles and histories and defining moments that embed meaning into the place will disappear under the name of "progress" unless we fight to preserve that past which has such intrinsic value , do our children and grandchildren and generations that follow us have a right to that rich experience.

The Living Memory Project helps us rediscover the places and people that have shaped our lived environments.


Forest Bathing Tours


Mundy Park, Coquitlam , BC 

A passion for nature and to inspire a collective response-ability to care for the land, led me to take Sustainable Community Development and a Masters in liberal Studies at Simon Fraser University. My curiosity led me to take courses that deepened my understanding of the crisis we face, and to co-create a radio program that speaks to the importance of attending to our collective responsibility of respectful coexistence. I am inviting you to journey into solitude and peaceful awareness.

Come join us for a magical time forest bathing at Coquitlam's  biggest park, as a temperate rainforest, the Park’s mix of deciduous woodland and coniferous forest trees play a central role in the park ecosystem. The tree habitat supports many bird, insect and mammal species, such as owls and butterflies.


Forest Bating at Bert Flinn Park


We will meet up at the trail-head of Bert Flinn Park(David Ave and Heritage Mountain Blvd) and then engage in 2 hrs of Forest Bathing , come rejuvenate and breathe in the fresh forest air. Peace and tranquility will take over your senses as your breath deepens and senses awake to the nature around you.

Forest bathing is an ancient practice with scientifically proven health benefits, most notably it decreases the risk of heart attack, reduces blood pressure , stress and pulse rate and many other health benefits.